“GitHub Streaks” and Other Coding Habits

Why Commit to a GitHub Streak?

For many, something has to spark them to want to start a GitHub streak. Often it’s a challenge from a friend to code every day for a month, or the desire to prove they can do it. Even if the challenge comes externally, the motivation needs to come from within. It’s like the classic quote about climbing Mount Everest simply because “It was there.”

Potential Downsides of GitHub Streaks

Gamification can motivate many people, whether or not they share the results with others. When tied to other advantages, such as pay raises or even public glory, gamification can go awry. It can invite cheating and other bad decisions.

Ways to Make Your Streak Your Own

Near the end of 2015, Jacob Blakely was freelancing and working on his own projects. He wanted to get hired full time, ideally remotely, so he made a commitment: He was going to make at least one commit every day until he landed that job.

How to Track Your GitHub Streak

By now you‘ve decided to make a GitHub streak goal for yourself. Congrats!



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Adam DuVander

Adam DuVander

With APIs and people, anything is possible. Mostly it’s the people.