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  • Mike Vardy

    Mike Vardy

    Family man, productivity strategist, creator of TimeCrafting, founder of Productivityist. Here's what I'm doing now: http://productivityist.com/now

  • Kaggle Team

    Kaggle Team

    Official authors of Kaggle winner’s interviews + more! Kaggle is the world’s largest community of data scientists. Join us at kaggle.com.

  • Jon Townsend

    Jon Townsend

    Sr. Writer @thesefootytimes, IT Professional — Tech Writer, IT Compliance Analyst, Father, Husband, Footballer, Endurance Runner @jon_townsend3

  • Johnathan Zhuang

    Johnathan Zhuang

    Tech entrepreneur, side hustler, curious cat, recovering insomniac. Ignited by ideas, fuelled by artistry. Hangs out at https://iamjz.com

  • Stefan Bauer

    Stefan Bauer

    Creator of @pingpingapp. Developer with a fable for nice UI. Co-Founder of 2 👭 and Bacon-Lover 🥓 Follow me on Twitter @stefanbauerme

  • Henning Leutz

    Henning Leutz

  • Shariq Nazr

    Shariq Nazr

    I write about APIs and Developer Experience 👉🏻 Ask me anything: shariqnzr@gmail.com

  • Doug Valente

    Doug Valente

    Entrepreneur, Father, Catalyst, Leader, Side-Hustler,

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