API Analytics Across the Developer Journey

Drive More Developers from API Signup to Success

Developers typically have choices of APIs to integrate, or whether to integrate at all. When you’ve managed to attract a signup to your API, you want to do what’s needed to get the developer to the next step. You need to simultaneously keep this micro success in mind while also aiming for macro success across the entire API journey.

  • Improve API Onboarding
  • Help Developers Get to Hello World Faster
  • Encourage the Use of More API Features and Endpoints

Improve API Onboarding

A lot can happen from the time a user generates an API key to when they’ve integrated your API with their application. With API analytics and user interface data (such as through Moesif’s Pendo integration), you can track developers as they go through onboarding, collecting data from different points of the journey, such as:

  • When a user signs up for an API account
  • When a user generates an API key
  • Each step or page included in your onboarding flow
  • When a user makes their first API call

Help Developers Get to Hello World Faster

Looking at your API data, you could find that some developers are having trouble moving from the pre-integration to sandbox stage- the Time to First Hello World (TTFHW). The TTFHW is one of the most crucial API metrics you need to track, and reducing this time should always be a priority. A range of issues could increase the time it takes a developer to reach their first Hello World.

  • API errors
  • Bugs in your SDKs
  • Flaws in how users have implemented your API

Encourage the Use of More API Features and Endpoints

Developers usually start with a few core endpoints, often unaware of everything an API has to offer. The long-term success of an application usually requires integrations beyond a single area of an API. Use API analytics to track which endpoints haven’t gained much traction with developers. Then use triggered emails and content marketing to introduce developers to your entire API.

Make Better API Product Decisions with Data

When you have visibility into the entire developer journey, you can make product decisions driven by real API usage. You can understand the “hot spots” and lesser-used parts of your API, then plan future updates accordingly. With API product management a newer field, you need a tool that understands the unique questions you want to answer.

  • Top customers by API usage
  • Endpoints used by each customer
  • Implications of endpoint deprecation
  • Which marketing channels drive actual API usage



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Adam DuVander

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